What are the costs for services?

Service costs can vary greatly, depending on what is required and travel times to your location. There are several levels of service available, ranging from basic light repair and touch-up, to full restoration. For example, a sofa that is faded and discolored, but isn't cracking and peeling, may cost $500 to just re-dye, whereas the same sofa with a surface that is in need of extensive repairs, can cost as much as $1500, for a full restoration.  Full restoration is usually reserved for antiques, keepsakes, and other irreplaceable items. In cases where repair costs are not cost effective, either a basic re-dye or replacement will be suggested. "On site" service calls have a minimum charge of  $200, which allows for one hour of service time at locations within the immediate Annapolis area.  This is adequate for repair of minor cuts, punctures, scratches, etc.  For larger jobs,  an initial estimate will be provided based on descriptions and pictures you provide, and if after inspection, a cost adjustment is needed, your approval will be requested before work begins.  Most forms of payment are accepted, however, there is a 3% additional charge when paying by credit card to offset bank imposed fees.*   WE ARE ENTIRELY MOBILE, THEREFORE, WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT "DROP OFFS." For a free estimate, send pictures and description of what you need done, along with your location, to bayleather@gmail.com.  If an in-home estimate is desired an additional charge will apply, and if proposal is accepted, the additional charge would be removed. WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY SERVICES THAT REQUIRE  STITCHING OR STRUCTURAL ISSUES.

During the Covid shutdown, all communication will be handled through email, so phone and text inquiries WILL NOT be monitored.

*  The 3% additional charge does not apply to credit card use with Venmo.

Why replace when you can restore?