"Before and afters"...

These are pictures of actual repairs performed on leather and vinyl. Leather repair relies on special adhesives and compounds that are designed to withstand the stress of everyday use, while remaining flexible.   Vinyl repair differs from leather in that repairs are made using very high heat (butane torch or heat gun), applied to a repair compound, which resurfaces the damaged area. Whether it's leather or vinyl, the most critical element in a successful repair, is the closeness of the color match. To achieve the best match possible, we use a portable spectrophotometer (color scanning computer) to help provide the exact blend of colors necessary to match our dyes to the desired colors. The repairs cure quickly so most completed items can go back into service the same day and reach maximum strength within 24 hours. WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY SERVICES THAT REQUIRE STITCHING OR STRUCTURAL WORK.

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Why replace when you can restore?