Restore leather?

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Leather has always been the material of choice for it's luxurious touch, durability, and low maintenance, along with unmatched strength for an upholstery material.  It is naturally resistant to punctures, tears, and abrasive wear, and can last a lifetime, with periodic cleaning and conditioning.  Without proper care, leather will eventually dry out, leading to cracking and peeling, similar to how your own skin would react without regular conditioning. During the repair process, a special compound is used to smooth and level the surface, then cured with heat, and finally sanded and re-grained before the new finish is applied. The new finish bonds very well to the original, with virtually no risk of peeling, and will provide years of service similar to the original finish.  Many clients we've served were surprised to learn that the finish on their old leather sofa can often be restored to look like new again, for far less than the cost to replace it.  This is especially beneficial when the damaged piece is part of a matched set, where a matching replacement isn't an option.  Whether faded by the sun, or damaged by your pet, most damage can be repaired to a point where it is no longer noticeable.  WE DO NOT OFFER ANY STITCHING OR STRUCTURAL SERVICES.


Why replace when you can restore?