Why Restore?

One big reason is cost!  Since leather and vinyl play such large roles in our everyday lives, we specialize in taking care of common everyday problems which will help you avoid the high cost of re-upholstery or replacement.  Other important reasons include conservation and effects on the environment.  Daily, items are routinely discarded due to minor damage, that in many cases is easily repairable.  Sometimes the item is an antique, or irreplaceable, and there's significance to maintaining the original material.  If the damaged item is part of a matched set, this service will allow you to keep the set intact.

In your home,

- Repair most types of damage, including    stains, punctures, cuts, fading, and pet

- Bring back that fresh, new appearance

- Restore antiques or keepsakes

In your office,

- Repair most forms of damage

- Freshen appearance of waiting rooms,         exam rooms, common areas (elevators,       lounges, cafeterias, etc.)


In your boat and car,

- Re-dye sun faded surfaces

- Repair cuts, burns, stains, punctures

- Color changes, freshen appearance

- Prep for sale; enhance appeal and               marketability

Some may question if whether installing a replacement part (seat cover, side panel, etc), would be a better remedy for repair, but due to natural variations between leathers, including dye lot variations, grain patterns, and gauges (thicknesses), it's virtually impossible to locate parts that are an exact match.  This is especially true if the item has been in use for a period of time where normal aging has altered it's original appearance, and a brand new part simply won't match.  All of our finishes are custom matched and account for any color variations, including fading and natural aging.  You can expect the performance of the new finish to match that of the original.  WE DO NOT OFFER ANY STITCHING OR STRUCTURAL REPAIRS.

Why replace when you can restore?