Vinyl can also be repaired and restored?

Absolutely!  Vinyl is very similar to leather, both in texture and appearance, and whenever lower cost is the goal, vinyl is usually the material of choice.  Since their appearances are so similar, there are many applications where the two materials are used together on the same item.  For example, many sofas feature genuine leather surfaces on the inside areas, that come in direct contact with users, and closely matched vinyl on the outside arm panels and backs, which are not in direct contact while in use.  This is true with most of the leather seating in autos. The repair process is very different from that of leather in that it requires special compounds and very high amounts of heat. Vinyl is most often preferred in commercial settings, including physician's offices, restaurants, airports, public transportation, and throughout office buildings. In the marine industry, most boats, from the smallest runabout to the largest yacht, use far more vinyl than leather, due to it's superior resistance to mildew, sunlight, and other harsh elements present in the marine environment.  Most typical calls we receive involve the repair of cuts, cracks, stains, burns, and fading.  WE DO NOT OFFER ANY STITCHING OR STRUCTURAL SERVICES.

Why replace when you can restore?